We’ve been working on the story for our comic book, Manifest, for about 5 years. It is now in production but we still need help getting it off the ground. On this page you can learn exactly what Manifest is. If it’s something you’d like to read you can purchase a copy by making a donation that goes directly to paying our full-time artists.


At its core this is a rich world exploring themes of morality, spirituality, prejudice, and what it means to hold the power of creation within yourself.

Manifest is a story which explores the world as it might be, if each of us could physically create what we are able to imagine, in exchange for our own lives. These creations are called Manifests. In this world, most people’s understanding and control of this ability is weak, if even present at all. However, there are a select few who have mastered the ability to manifest, and have had the tradition passed down to them from ages of practice. One of these groups is known as The Hourglass, a secret society founded on the principle that Manifests should be returned to the creative energy they were born from, rather than allowed to exist freely. This is for good reason. Before The Hourglass was able to harness this power Manifests ruled the Earth; but at the time they were known as gods.

There is another group, also skilled in Manifestation, that has a very different view of this power. The Umbra believe that Manifests are part of the natural order of the universe and that they have the same right to exist as any other creature. These two groups have been at war for centuries with Manifests caught in the middle.


In this first issue a legendary killer, working for The Umbra, infiltrates the mind of one of the leaders of The Hourglass, corrupting his thoughts and replacing them with monstrosities that eat away at his consciousness.

While the leader reels from the attack, an emergency gathering is held to keep the manifests in his mind at bay. Unknowingly, the gathering has put the entire society in danger as a vicious monster, more powerful than anyone could have imagined bursts from the old man’s skull. Only one man, an immortal, knows what the attack foretells. The community has been shattered, a leader has been broken, and a dangerous enemy has emerged. What happens in this issue sets off the world-changing events of Manifest, as new enemies present themselves to an age-old tradition, and the forces of chaos and order go to war.

Sam Wohl is a multi-faceted artist, having worked in film, sculpture, and performance, in addition to illustration. He recently completed work as a lead artist on the film Beasts of the Southern Wild, winner of the 2012 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. In addition, he finished illustrating the 120-page graphic novel, The Stellestrian, in early 2012. Through collaboration with Sam, the world of Manifest found its perfect visual complement.

The three of us have been collaborators in different forms since 2009. Our work up until that point prepared us to take on our first  film, Goodnight Harvey, in which Sam played the lead role. The collaboration continued in 2011 when Josh was Director of Photography on Sam’s short film Mindglow.


If you would like to get your own copy of Manifest, drop us an email at We’ll be happy to send one your way.


The Manifest Crew